The loss of a pet counts among the hardest events in life. Pets so fully depend on our actions and decisions that their death often leaves us with a lingering feeling of guilt, although we tried doing the best we could. We created this free site for people to be able to share their grief and to pay respect to the animal they loved so much. It works by downloading the desired image.docx file and then by adjusting the text and picture as one is used to doing in MS Word. The file can be sent as a document or printed out. Watch our tutorial on the Help page if you'd prefer turning it into an image file first.

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The creation of this site was a work of love from both the initiator and the designers that worked on it. So please don't hesitate to share your pet story with us, propose an idea or inform us when you come across a broken link or such. You can use the form on the right (filling out the upper boxes is optional) or
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